Thursday, March 14, 2013

Mission countdown, by the numbers......

People are asking about Madison and the homecoming date. So here it is by the numbers........
21= # of days till Hermana Moffat is home. Actually 20, now that its tomorrow as I finally post this. Seriously can't wait. Look at the chain, kind of looking slim.(see below)
5 = # of  weeks since anything was posted on her blog. I wasn't actually AWOL, you can read it all now, feel free!
31= # of new missionaries recently assigned to the Chicago mission.
2 = # number of missions that will exist in the Chicago area, in July.
9 = # total companions of Hermana Moffat
4 = # of  areas served by Hermana Moffat
2= # of parent anxious to see that great daughter of ours. Bring it on!
Too many to count - people and things she loves from Chicago! We feel that she has been blessed by her mission service as we have too. Missions bless families, true story. I recommend it! We will see you very shortly, our dear, Hermana Madison Moffat. Letters are welcome up till the last day,

Lonely 21 links, and thats a good thing!

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