Thursday, March 14, 2013

Mission countdown, by the numbers......

People are asking about Madison and the homecoming date. So here it is by the numbers........
21= # of days till Hermana Moffat is home. Actually 20, now that its tomorrow as I finally post this. Seriously can't wait. Look at the chain, kind of looking slim.(see below)
5 = # of  weeks since anything was posted on her blog. I wasn't actually AWOL, you can read it all now, feel free!
31= # of new missionaries recently assigned to the Chicago mission.
2 = # number of missions that will exist in the Chicago area, in July.
9 = # total companions of Hermana Moffat
4 = # of  areas served by Hermana Moffat
2= # of parent anxious to see that great daughter of ours. Bring it on!
Too many to count - people and things she loves from Chicago! We feel that she has been blessed by her mission service as we have too. Missions bless families, true story. I recommend it! We will see you very shortly, our dear, Hermana Madison Moffat. Letters are welcome up till the last day,

Lonely 21 links, and thats a good thing!

Monday, January 14, 2013

We have news!!!

79 links to the chain left!!! So excited
Madison has received her release date!! She will return on April 3rd.  We are so excited.  Therefore we have made a chain to signify how many days till she returns. I know, I know.  I can't help myself.   Enjoy a few memories in pictures......
With Herman Noyes - first companion in Rockford
With Hermana Hyde in Bloomindale
The District!!!  Having Fun
With Nathaly and Hermana Hyde  - Rockin around the Christmas Tree
Special Mission Friends
Words are not adequate to share what Madison's mission has meant to us.  We love the girl that left us those many months ago and are honored to welcome back our missionary, in 89 more days, who has served well.  She looks lit up to me.  I guess that's what serving will do for you.  I saw a similar smile on the faces of her brothers as they finished the last few months of their missions.  Thanks for all of the letters and support and the example you have set.  
She will spend her last two transfers in West Dundee, Ill.  Lucky them!!!

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

The Sounds of the Season

I know,  I do this every year, but I'm gonna do it again.   
Some of the best music, I get introduced to by my own musical children.  So this year, I am enjoying some new tunes that were recommended by one or more of my offspring.  
So Even as I type I am listening to this:  
So yummy,  each one is better than the next.  Not kidding.  Just go on itunes and get the whole album.  Done!!!
 But then wait, there is more,  next go to here:  
 And just get a few.  You might want more, but the fav. in these parts is "A Holly Jolly Christmas".  Ah....  Then a new favorite -  this guy:
His "One King" is amazing.  You will not mind the whole album, but at least get that one.    And then for heaven sakes - get to this amazing performance: 
  Dec 22nd 7:30 in the Evening - @The First Methodist Church - Mesa
 This amazing composer/performer
- and yes he is related to me. (Shameless plug) I may be listening to it right now.  CD's available.

Friday, October 12, 2012

T.T.F.N. Huge Tree - The End Of An ERA

R.I.P. Huge, Lovely, Dangerous Tree, that we loved and worried over at the same time.  I sometimes tell people that there is only one thing that Parker and I ever argue over - The Huge Eucalyptus Tree* in our Front Yard.  
One last hug at Madison's request
Well today, we said a fond goodbye to all our fodder for the fracasfrayfusshostilitymatchmeleequarrelriotrivalryroundrowruckusrumblescrap, just to name those ones I highlighted, because you know that it's an issue, not!!    Because it has become fodder for some other uses (pulp, paper and fiber board according to the web).  Neighbors came and watched.  Some got cookies.

Here is a little bit of what we watched. 

View from inside the house

  I will miss the wonderful filtered light, the awesome shade. It's already hotter, it's already more open(not a good thing), but I will not worry if it storms tonight and the lightning rages.
* We planted it about 26 years ago and the Professional Tree people all seem to think it was a 50 year of tree.  We know that it was over 100 feet tall, also according to the professional tree people.

Saturday, October 6, 2012

So, So Excited!!!

From -

{UPDATE Saturday Morning, 10/6/12, 10:20 a.m.

President Thomas S. Monson opened the 182nd Semiannual General Conference of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints with an announcement of new temples, a new Church policy regarding missionary service, and a call for many more senior couples.
New temples are planned for Tucson, Arizona, and Arequipa, Peru, President Monson revealed. Exact locations of the temples will be announced at a later date.
He went on to announce a new Church policy that will allow all worthy and able young men the opportunity to be recommended for missionary service at the age of 18 instead of 19. Able, worthy young women who have the desire to serve may be recommended for missionary service at the age of 19 instead of age 21. (Read more at Newsroom.)
President Monson then echoed a message he gave two years ago, calling for many more senior couples to serve: “As your circumstances allow, as you are eligible for retirement, and as your health permits, I encourage you to make yourselves available for full-time missionary service,” he said. “Both husband and wife will have great joy as together they serve our Father’s children.”}
Such wonderful news for the faithful and waiting in Tucson!!!, My sister, Sally and her family included.  And what awesome news for those ready and able to serve missions!  We are so blessed indeed!! My heart is full.  The Messages were wonderful and needed this morning!!!

Monday, September 24, 2012

Oh, The Places You'll Go!!

Because of having "feet in our shoes" and "brains in our heads" - 
Parker and I embarked upon a fun little "get-away" to the North Rim of the Grand Canyon, St. George, Ut. to meet up with Chris and Kent, Rob and “Alladin”, then off to Vegas, Baby!! To see Aaron DeJesus as he starred in Jersey Boys!!  We watched it with Rob and Tom and Gail.
Warning: Verbal Travel ramblings ahead......
  So the North Rim:  A bucket list thing. We had never been to the North Rim.  I was interested.  We were heading to Vegas and so, decided to start with this.  We stayed at the Lodge in Jacob Lake, rustic, but comfortable.  We drove over 40 miles from there to the north rim.  Well worth it! So different from the South Rim.  Y'all might need to add it to your list of stuff you need to do.  

WE then drove to St. George and met up with Chris and Kent and had lunch.  The she and I did some antique -ing and quilt showing.  Kind of fun.  Then Since it was Kent’s Birthday we had dinner with them and some friends and then Rob showed up and off we went to “Alladin” at Tuachan. I will share a private critique upon request.

Got to see Tyler and Brittney and their two little kids, but briefly!  Then drove off to Vegas, where we picked up Gail and Tom,  then had lunch at a 
Diner’s Drive In's and Dives place -  food was unusual, but yummy and Parker was like a rooster that he found it!!!

Then we checked in & hustled off to the show to watch Jersey boys.  O.K. so the language is a little “blue”, but the story is redeeming and Aaron DeJesus is wonderful!!! Really a special treat for us to be there for this special performance.  It pleased him,  that we made the effort to come. We really were amazed at how incredible the music is.  I may need to see it again.  Tom and Gail had JB in London so they were loving life.
 Next morning after goodbye with T&G we were off to the other side of town for 
“Hash House A Go Go” for breakfast.  They say their type of food is twisted farm food.  It was yummy and huge.  Look up the menu, unbelievable.

Another round of goodbye with Aaron and their darling baby, Lydia.  
WE drove home without incident and I listened to the CD of Jersey Boys while I drove.  
Really good times.

Join us next time will you?

Monday, September 17, 2012

Monday, Monday, So good to me.......

Mondays are a great thing for me.  Especially today, after a busy, eventful and productive weekend.  Why, you ask?  
Well, there are three things that make a 
Monday just lovely in my book:
1. It's letter day!!!!Yay!!!!
Hermana Moffat and we get to share letters back and forth typically on this day and Today's letter was great!! Complete with the photos of her birthday.  Great Stuff!
Gettin' to wear the yellow"jackets"
 2.  Powering down from a busy weekend, today I stayed in my Black House dress - you know the one, till , well almost 4:00
Sorry - Seriously bad photo(don't judge till you have walked a mile in my fuzzy slippers, yo).  I got to talk on the phone and in person to 4 of our 6 offspring(two at the same time on ichat), and to two sisters at the same time on the phone today!  Technology rules, eh?

3. Had opportunity to ponder on some of the lessons of the Sabbath Day.  It was Ward Conference and there were several special moments that were worth pondering about.  I love my Harmony Park Ward and the goodness that is here in our neighborhood.  Many of these good people worked side by side to get this cute couple married on Saturday, then came together to hear the Good Word yesterday and to be taught by our friends and leaders. 
 It was beautiful to me.   Ahhh. Monday!  A good way to start the Week, I say!!!