Tuesday, November 1, 2011

M.O.G. Day One - Sisters

A Month of Gratitude,
O.K. Well, actually 24 days, so that we finish on the Big Kahuna day of Thanks,  
Thanksgiving Day!!  
 Woot, Woot!! I love this month.  It is so full of days with all kinds of celebrations that I love.  (spoiler alert) Anniversaries, Birthdays, Weddings, Baptisms,  new locations for missionary daughters etc. So I thought I would just do a 'lil journal type thing in honor of the month......
So Day One - I am Grateful for.... (wait for it)
All of them, for sure, but  today I am especially thankful to have this sister.  
Glenna.  Cause it's her Birthday and I'm glad she was born.

Glenna, laughing it up with the Brothers

Happy Birthday Glenna!    
So this sister, one of 4, really wonderful sisters, lives close enough to me that we get to see each other often, a huge blessing to me.  She brings me a Diet Coke® when it's a bad day(or like yesterday when my foot was in the air). She gives me permission to speak freely and is a great listener.  She is an inspiration for all kinds of events and fun things, cause she knows how to party, and so does her whole bunch.  She can even grant you more points on Weight Watchers®! True story.  Ask Mac.  She is an expert quilter and does beautiful work with her hands, like you should see her beautiful embroidery.  And one of the coolest things about her is that she actually finishes her stuff.  I have maybe 5(that I counted) or more projects that I started to copy of hers yet hers are finishes and hanging and mine are still being created spiritually. 
She is full of fun and has a ready smile and is liked by everyone.  But the best thing about my sister, is that she is the "real deal".  She gets me, you know, that way that sisters do, when you finish each other's sentences and just know when to comfort  or to bring you back to reality, and does both with a smile on her face. Really, she has so much of Mom in her and is not just a sister, but my dearest friend. I'm not gonna tell you how old my sister is, but you should call her and wish her much joy on her Birthday. And when you do tell her that I went in on the call.  Happy Birthday, Glenna - I'm grateful you are my sister!

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